Inspirational Teaching

David Newman - Inspirational Teaching

David’s aim in teaching is to create a space for others to see things for themselves. He believes teaching is less about giving something to someone and more about reflecting back what he or she already has.  After all, what you are looking for can never be found, as it has never been lost.

Having been a seeker for many years, David has come to understand that the sweet spot is not in finding something, but rather in the absence of looking – and simply living in the acknowledgment that what is being sought is always here and available to everyone in every moment!

David teaches with passion and spontaneity. Whether in an informal setting, through his music, or as part of his workshops, retreats, and satsangs, he shares the many facets of truth that he has discovered along the way with generosity of spirit.  His teaching style is provocative yet compassionate and nurturing, with sensitivity to the needs of those present. David’s gift is to lovingly guide others to awakening as a means of fulfilling their greater life’s purpose.

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