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David Newman - Monday, January 25, 2016

Someone asked a friend of mine how she had attracted so much abundance into her life, saying, you must be a really great manifester? My friend’s reply was: “Actually, I’m a great receiver!”

The basic misconceptions for attracting abundance are first that we don’t have it, and second that we must struggle to get it. Suffering arises when we forget our plentitude, and desperately scramble to fulfill desires that are founded on imagined scarcity.

I notice this phenomenon often in relationships. When someone desperately seeks a partner, nothing works out. When they let go, and even don’t care, because they feel whole, someone appears!

So, how do we fully open to receive? By wanting nothing! In this way, we accept the gifts that grace brings, whether humble or grand… because we know that the entire universe already lives within us!

Sending Love, David

Art by: Nancy Marcus Newman

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