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Be True to your Feelings!

David Newman - Saturday, December 19, 2015
It can be disconcerting when you know without out a shadow of a doubt that you are centered in love though you experience a situation that brings up emotions such as suspicion and fear. Just recently, such a situation arose for me. I was reminded of the phrase, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.” I continue to discover that within the net of love, every feeling, impulse and emotion is welcome. They all serve a purpose in helping us to understand a situation from the deepest place, and to make a decision accordingly. Being centered in love is to trust what arises within it, which can be just about anything. It’s important though not to get swept up in whatever the fleeting feeling is, even if it is informing you in some powerful way. In my case, I found myself being protective of someone close to me. As I did, I continued to love the one who I considered to be a possible threat, even as I expressed caution. My prudence never interfered with my capacity to love. I stayed true to my feelings but without being a slave to them. Feelings are great teachers, and if you allow, will always lead you back to the spacious, welcoming, embracing texture of love that is most expressive of our true nature!

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