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David Newman - Friday, December 18, 2015

After dinner last night, I walked outside with my nephew as he was leaving. He is an amazing Soul who has overcome obstacles in his life to let his light emerge. Much of his strength comes from his passion for music. As we were parting, I said to him: “There is only one thing you will ever have to do in this life”. He asked what and I said: “Be Yourself”! I believe it is that simple. After we sift through fleeting thoughts, release conditioned beliefs, and resist impulses to be how society and others want us to be, what remains is an intuitive relationship to our authentic Self, and a direct connection to our inner guidance. Ultimately we find that being our Self requires no effort at all. After all, a rosebud does not need to look elsewhere to discover what it means to be a rose. That knowledge is contained within its very essence. So, I’ll say it again to all of you… BE YOURSELF!

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