La Bhakti Vita

OCTOBER 5 — 12th, 2019

David Newman, Daniela Riva and Philippo Franchini


— Tuscany, Italy —


Which airport should I fly into? 

The most direct airport is Pisa International Airport  and it is a little less than one hour away by car, (other options include Florence, Rome and Milan).

What time is my arrival and departure from the villa expected? 

If you are staying at the Villa, please be prepared to arrive between 2pm - 8pm, Saturday Oct. 5th. If you are staying nearby, please plan to arrive at 5pm on Saturday. The retreat will be over by 12pm on Saturday, Oct. 12th. Everyone is responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the retreat center in a timely fashion. Car Rentals, Buses, and Taxis are all easily available from the airport, and we are glad to help if you have any questions.

What are some options for local ground transportation? (from Pisa Airport to Lucca...)

  • Bus 

  • Taxi - The taxi service operated by Cooperativa Pisana Tassisti or CO.TA.PI. Taxis provide service 24 hours a day. The taxi stand is in front of the airport on the arrivals side. A taxi costs approximately 60-70 euro and takes about 40 minutes. Finding someone to share with would make this more affordable. 

  • Car Rentals from Pisa

  • Coming from other airports, or have other questions, please contact us.


What documents do I need to travel to Italy? 

Most European, American, New Zealand and Australian citizens are not required to have a visa to enter Italy if they plan to stay under 90 days. However, for many countries, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your planned departure date.

Is Italy safe? 

Italy is a very safe country to travel in, however, you must always remain vigilant, especially when in tourist areas, airports, or other crowded areas.


If I am not able to secure housing at the Villa, are there other options for me that are nearby? 

This is an option for people who want to stay somewhere else; either if they want a private room or if the villa is filled and they still want to join the program.


I want a same gendered Shared Room. Is that possible?

We will try to give preference to your room requests, and if arrangements are not possible, we will let you know well in advance. Preference is in order of registration. You will be given an opportunity to indicate this on the registration form itself, which you will find in an email after payment is received.


What other activities are offered?

Swimming, organic wine tasting, horseback riding, biking, and hiking. Towels will be provided at the villa.


Other pertinent things to bring:

Passport, yoga mat, journal, bathing suit, hiking shoes, sandals, unlocked phone to get a SIM Card, European plug adapter for Type F sockets, flashlight, water bottle or thermos…


What weather can I expect the weather to be like?

The weather should be comfortable and warm, close to 70 F or 20 C, but with a chance of rain showers.


What type of food will be served?

A mixed selection of healthy Italian delicious meals will be served that are organic as much as possible. If you have dietary restrictions, please include that information in your registration application. Snacks and tea and bottled spring water will be available at the villa throughout the day.

What language will be spoken during the retreat?

Both Daniela and Philippo are fluent in both Italian and English, and will be able to assist with translation and local arrangements as needed. While many sessions will rely on English, the primary language of the retreat will be the Language of Love.


If you have any general retreat questions, contact Mahadevi at

We are SO GLAD you are interested in joining us for our

La Bhakti Vita Retreat,

Via della Billona 1196, Arsina, Lucca, Italy 

October 5th - 12th, 2019!

Please review the following frequently asked questions to find out more details, and do reach out directly to if you have any other questions. 


Hopefully this is all very informative and will support you with preparing for your retreat experience! We hope you decide to join us!

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