The Timebound Traveler

How My Journey as a Seeker Came to an End

The Timebound Traveler by David Newman

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For those searching for life’s meaning and their own greater purpose, The Timebound Traveler is a helping hand from a friend on the path. David shares the story of his spiritual journey, and awakening with clarity and heart-warming honesty, paving the way for fellow travelers and seekers of truth.


“David's story is about enlightenment, non-duality, awakening or whatever name you wish to assign the end of seeking. This puts David on the map as a true spiritual teacher. Whether or not you have met David, …heard him speak on this topic, …chanted with [him] or heard his CDs, you will be moved by his heartfelt openness. This is a gift you deserve to give to yourself!”

Judith Curiel

“…The writing was so good and the content so rich, I just loved reading every page. This is a book I will read again, because, there will be more to learn the second time.”

Salli Mickelberg

“David reminds us that spiritual awakenings are not reserved for great monks and yogis in faraway lands…With humor and honesty, David takes us through the twists and turns of his life journey, granting us permission to share our own mistakes and challenges. A great read for those at any stage of their spiritual path…”

Sophie Lasoff

“…If you like Advaita or if Bhakti is your thing, this book has many gems in which it will allow you to see life differently, and perhaps catch the ‘Ease’ of awakening, or at least ask the question, Who am I really? And, what am I seeking?”

Jeffrey Haley

“Sacred chant artist David Newman (Durga Das) has a unique story of awakening. In The Timebound Traveler he relates with heartfelt authenticity how the path of bhakti, or devotion, and the way of direct self-inquiry collided and how the integration of these two seemingly disparate yet mutually dependent paths was revealed.”

ONE: The Magazine. September, 2014

“I found David's book, ‘The Timebound Traveler’, so readable and honest, and also full of hope. It is an immensely readable book and quite a page turner. Non-dual literature at it’s best!”

Iain McNay,