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The Beloveds is the debut release from a band by the same name comprised of David Newman and Philippo Franchini. The Beloveds’ music is a standout and groundbreaking release in the unique and burgeoning genre of positive or inspirational rock. On The Beloveds’ debut album, David and Philippo created a truly unique and captivating sound, infusing the music with elements of indie rock, singer-songwriter, world, blues, and folk, along with ancient healing Sanskrit mantras. The result is pure alchemy that enchants and delights. From the hypnotic “Grateful” to the rockin’ “Soul Universal” to the playful rendition of George Harrison’s “Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth),” the music of The Beloveds transcends boundaries and defies categories. It is simply gratifying, timeless music with a message of peace, love and hope that speaks directly to the heart at a time when it is perhaps needed most!


Released: April 27, 2018

Inner Fire Music


David Newman’s eleventh release, Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades, was born out of David’s desire to record an intimate chant album, and his love for the ukulele. Acoustic Chant is a soothing and celebratory recording consisting of traditional Kirtan mantras accompanied by elements of Hawaiian, Appalachian, and American folk music.


On this CD, David demonstrates his rich relationship with the yogic chant tradition while continuing to apply unique and eclectic musical influences to this ancient practice. Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades features ten gorgeous and time honored Sanskrit mantras with elegant simplicity, inviting listeners to sing along and effortlessly embrace the healing joys of chanting.

Acoustic Chant is also available as a CD and Songbook Package for those who want to learn these easy to play and healing chants on any instrument.

Release Date: July 31st, 2015
Inner Fire Music

Love is Awake, David’s tenth CD, is an enlightening collection of songs that embody a message of hope, inner strength, and peaceful resolve. The music reflects David’s artful craft as a singer-songwriter and his mastery at conveying the power of ancient healing mantras.


For Love is Awake, David collaborates with percussionist Jamey Haddad and bassist Bakithi Kumalo of Paul Simon’s band, as well as a cast of gifted musicians including Mira, multi instrumentalist Philippo Franchini, and vocalist Jo Lawry of Sting’s band. Love is Awake is an uplifting and heartfelt recording delivered by a seasoned troubadour who has been inspiring listeners around the globe for over a decade!

Release Date: April 21st, 2015
Inner Fire Music


For his ninth release, chant artist and singer-songwriter David Newman (Durga Das) assembled an international cast of extraordinary musicians with the aim of expanding the stylistic and sonic dimensions of devotional chant music (“kirtan”). The result is Travel Well, an enlivening collection of sacred songs and kirtan jams cohesively expressing the healing essence of traditional mantra through folk, blues, rock, Americana, reggae, Afro-Caribbean and ambient styles. Travel Well is music without boundaries - a soundtrack to accompany the dance of life, and the timeless journey of the heart.

Released: January 14, 2014
Inner Fire Music/ White Swan Records

On Stars, David shares a sense of hope and celebrates the beauty of life, even in times of struggle. Poetic English lyrics, flowing seamlessly into powerful Sanskrit mantras, are bathed in an array of diverse musical textures, earthy grooves, and melodies that nourish like comfort food for the Soul. With its intimate sound and nurturing sentiment, Stars is David’s contribution to an exciting time: Now!

Released: March 20, 2012
Produced by: David Newman and Bill Moriarty
White Swan Records


ReBliss: STARS ReVisited is a unique recording that takes David's 2012 studio recording, Stars, in an entirely new and unique groove-laden direction, crossing over into the realm of remixes in collaboration with composer, producer, and master mix engineer Krishna Venkatesh!

Released: January 29, 2013
Produced by: Krishna Venkatesh, David Newman and Bill Moriarty
White Swan Records

To Be Home is a rich collection of healing Kirtan chants and passionate songs of devotion in a lush acoustic roots musical landscape. Chant artist and singer songwriter David Newman (Durga Das), is joined by devotional vocalist Mira, Grammy® Award winning producer Trina Shoemaker (Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris), legendary drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney), tabla and esraj master Benjy Wertheimer (Shantala, Krishna Das), renowned bansuri flutist Steve Gorn, and guitarist Philippo Franchini. To Be Home is a genre transcending tapestry of spirited sound poetry that weaves elements of the past, present, east and west into a mystical and magical elixir for the heart.

Released: April 27, 2010
Produced by: Trina Shoemaker and David Newman
Nutone Music/Nettwerk Records


From ecstatic Kirtan chanting to intimate sacred songs and hypnotic trance jams, Love, Peace, Chant is as emotionally evocative as it is spiritually transcendent.

Whether settling into the warmth of meditative reflection, blissfully calling forth the Divine names, or soaring into the mystic, Love, Peace, Chant emanates an exalted quality that both soothes and grooves with every note.

Released: September, 2008
Produced by: Frank Wolf and David Newman
Nutone Music/Nettwerk Records

Into the Bliss is a double disc CD and DVD set which truly captures the essence and beauty of David's live Kirtan experience for you to enjoy anytime. Into the Bliss features David joined by musicians MIRA, Philippo Franchini, Morgan Doctor with an angelic choir of chanters on a beautifully recorded CD and an elegantly filmed DVD. It is truly food for the soul bringind you an inspiring evening of Kirtan to watch, listen to and chant along with... Into the Bliss!

Released: October, 2006
CD Produced by: Frank Wolf and David Newman
DVD Produced and Directed by Jennifer Young
Inner Fire Music/Divine Light Pictures


Leap of Grace is a gorgeous rendering of the sacred Hanuman Chalisa, one of the truly revered prayers of the spiritual tradition of India. David teamed up with renowned New York producer Frank Wolf to create an ambient soundscape nestling the sacred Hanuman Chalisa in a radiant atmosphere of soothing voices and delicate musical textures.

On Leap of Grace, the Hanuman Chalisa is recited eleven times, an auspicious number that is traditional for bestowing Hanuman's blessings on sacred occasions. Leap of Grace is a modern day CD PRAYER WHEEL—manifesting it's message as it spins in your player—that both maintains the beauty of its ancient heritage and speaks elegantly to the sonic sensibilities of our time.

Leap of Grace is a mystical and musical journey into a magical devotional hymn known for its purifying and spiritually uplifting qualities. It can be used for chanting, meditation, yoga or to bathe in sacred healing vibrations; simply put, Leap of Grace is a lullaby for the Soul!

Released: 2006
Produced by David and Frank Wolf
Pranamaya Music

Lotus Feet: A Kirtan Revolution was born out of a vision to express the healing power of Indian devotional chanting, known as Kirtan, in a contemporary western musical context. The goal was to both respect the chanting tradition while staying true to the sensibilities of the western singer songwriter idiom.

On Lotus Feet, ancient chants are rich with catchy hooks, evocative melodies, and passionate chord changes. Pop song structures are laced with Sanskrit mantras accented by English lyrics. Acoustic guitars are propelled by world rhythms, hip hop loops, dance grooves and ambient textures. The mantras are the message and the music the messenger. The chants embody a universal language of peace and love while the musical presentation strikes a familiar chord in the western ear and psyche.

Lotus Feet: A Kirtan Revolution offers a gift from the heart of the east on the wings of the west straight to you, the listener, as cosmic sonic nourishment for the Body and Soul.

Released: 2005
Produced by: Frank Wolf
Inner Fire Music


Soul Freedom is David's desire to share the fruit of his spiritual discovery through a medium that is both joyful and accessible. Soul Freedom is David's spiritual vision brought to life through music. The music bursts with aliveness and through a richly arranged musical palette takes the listener on a mystical journey through the many moods of Spirit! David's unique synthesis of contemporary folk music, Indian chanting, ageless spiritual truth and the expression of love in all its diversity makes Soul Freedom equally appealing to both spiritual seekers and lovers of good music.

Released: 2003
Produced by: Kit Thomas and Ben Dowling
Inner Fire Music



“At David Newman's concert, the event's volume knob seemed to go from low-level joy to full-on bliss, the kind you feel after climbing a gorgeous mountain or ending a tough run on a strong sprint.” 

— The Washington Post

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