David is available for mentorships and private sessions, individually customizing the practices of the healing properties of mantra and sound therapy and applying the principles of the path of love to support you in reducing stress, inspiring greater joy, and achieving a greater presence of peace in your life.

Individual Sessions with David include:

A practical deep dive into the science and art of chanting, sound healing, and the power of mantras to support your peace and well-being, invigorate your passion, and spark your creativity.
Learning to use the principles of the path of love to live with an open heart.
How to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually using mantras to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment.
Receiving a personal mantra for your daily use to support you in a variety of ways, including prosperity, self-love, healing, relationships, emotional balance, inner strength, and for reducing anxiety, depression, anger, fear, conflict and other life challenges.
Discovering your hidden musical gifts and the treasures of your voice to find the sounds that nurture and calm you.
The content chosen and direction taken are personalized to achieve your specific goals with the highest consideration given to your individual needs. 


Sessions are online
(or in-person if feasible)
Investment: $249


Sessions are online
(or in-person if feasible)
Investment: $1199
David also mentors musicians and produces music for sacred music artists.
Contact us at to learn more. 


"Working with David has been so helpful for keeping me focused, directed, and inspired on my creative path. He has such broad knowledge and experience of the creative and spiritual journey and shares his wisdom generously. He gave me the courage and support to get my work out there, and I am so glad to have his guidance."

— Jeff Meyers, MD

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David Newman has released numerous acclaimed albums, including the #1 iTunes World Music bestseller Love is Awake, and is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Timebound Traveler.

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