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Want the benefits of meditation without sitting still?

Learn what chanting can do for you in this

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with "user-friendly" guide David Newman

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When practiced over time, chanting has amazing benefits: *
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* A team at the University of West Virginia interested in examining the effects of Kirtan on cognitive impairment found that doing a Kirtan mantra for 12 minutes a day for 12 weeks altered plasma blood levels involved in cellular aging which were associated with improvements in cognitive function, sleep, mood, and quality of life. Another team at the University of Pennsylvania, who studied the effects of Kirtan on patients with memory loss, found that after eight weeks of Kirtan the brain scans of participants in the study showed significant increased cerebral blood flow in several areas. Most importantly, their performance on neuropsychological testing showed improved visuospatial memory, increased connectivity, and improved verbal memory. Other researchers have found that Kirtan can reduce symptoms of depression and improve chronic pain. 

"David Newman is a star in the international sub genre of chant artist or mantric musician” ​



Hi, I'm David Newman, Kirtan singer-songwriter and teacher. 


My desire with this project is to reduce anxiety and elevate humanity by introducing more people to the power of chanting.


I produced these 5 “mantra micro doses” to educate and inspire you. Enjoy! 

You're in the right place if...


. . . you’ve experienced a heightened level of anxiety in the past years


. . . you've chanted “OM” and thought, “That felt really good!”

. . . you're seeking new ways to increase your mental / physical / spiritual health (no matter your religion)

Each audio dose is 3 minutes delivered over 5 days.
And it's free for a limited-time! 
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I want 3-minute doses for the next 5 days to my inbox (or mobile).

We respect your privacy and will never share or resell your info


Q: What is sound healing?

A: When you are transformed, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, by vibration, music, or chants alone. This healing happens on all three levels automatically.

Q: How is CHANTING a form of meditation?

A: Chanting uses repetition to occupy the mind, intention to focus the heart, and meter to regulate breathing; thus calming the mind, opening the door to meditation.

Q:  What is a MANTRA?
A: Mantra is a Sanskrit word which means to guide the mind into peace by repeating a phrase or phrases.

Q:  How are you supposed to use MANTRAS?

A:  You can chant quietly to yourself, you can chant internally even while driving down the road, or you can chant in groups, allowing the shared vibes to amplify and grow.

"Kirtan is an active form of meditation that involves chanting or mantras that many find easier to do, because it doesn't require intense focus."​

Psychology Today

  KIRTAN (noun)  

Kirtan is call-and-response chanting from India, although many cultures have shared in this type of ancient song tradition. When we chant together, we form connections with each other and with our authentic self.

Are you worried about the future?

This could be the solution. There’s no catch. 


I just want to awaken people to the power of chanting, because it changed my life,  and I’ve seen it change others. I’d be honored if you joined me and the few thousand others that have already signed up: 

We respect your privacy and will never share or resell your info

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