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My Daughter Teaches Me About Unconditional Love!

On Monday, we celebrated our daughter, Tulsi‘s 11th birthday. She has taught me so much about bhakti yoga (unconditional love).

On her birthday I was remembering one of the first instances that I learned about this from her, several years back. We were on a small plane to play in Saskatchewan, Canada. Along with us on the plane, were mostly hunters, going on a hunting trip. I had a great deal of judgment about that activity, especially for sport.

The man next to me was dressed in cameflauge and reading a book about hunting. I felt agitated by that and therefore chose to ignore him, and show no friendliness.

Tulsi got off the plane first with her mom and they walked ahead of me. As I walked toward the immigration line, I saw the man standing next to Tulsi. They were giggling and smiling and as playful as two people could be.