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Find Peace Anywhere, Anytime, Even Amidst The Noise Of Modern Life


4 Weeks • October 2 to 23, 2022
10:30am — 12pm ET

a Life changing journey

into the power & yoga of sound with David Newman

"Practical Mantra has been more amazing than I could have imagined. Best money I've invested in myself in a long time. What a wow experience it has been for me."

— Casey Dugan

Join us four Sundays for this immersive virtual experience to learn how to integrate mantra into your daily life. In this transformational program, you will learn to practice and apply the healing power of ancient yogic mantras to promote well being, achieve specific goals, inspire greater joy, reduce stress and attain a greater presence of peace.


In this groundbreaking online offering, David will teach you:

 How to reduce stress and promote your well being through yogic mantras

— How to transform your negative patterns into positive ones using mantras and sound therapy

— How mantras can help you foster greater ease in making positive changes to improve the quality of your life

— How to harness your inner strength and heal your body and mind using mantras

— How to boost your self-confidence and achieve greater success and abundance in your life

— To engage the power of sound, music, mantras and meditation to invigorate your passion and spark your creativity

— To use the technologies of mantras and sound healing to shift your emotional state and embody more happiness

— To discover the hidden treasures of your voice and how to find the tones that nurture and calm you

Did you know that sound waves Can demolish buildings? Imagine then, the profound healing power that sound can harness when used to heal!

With his thirty years of practical experience and study, and as a foremost educator on the yoga of sound, David will bring to life the essence and practice of mantra as a self-reliant tool to guide your mind into a state of balance, peace, joy and positivity. Join us and gather the skills from this ancient and joyful technology to take the next big exciting step on your journey.

The course also includes membership to a private community Facebook group to connect with David and exchange insights and ideas with other Practical Mantra participants.


4 Sundays from 1o:30am — 12pm ET

October 2 to 23, 2022

Program Investment: $200

Each class will meet on ZOOM and is recorded in case you miss it!


"David Newman is a joy-dispensing, darkness-dispelling, light-bearing artist and teacher."

Josh Radnor

Actor, Director | How I Met Your Mother

"I've enjoyed our Practical Mantra gatherings. Like many of us, this year has been particularly stressful for me and having this to start my weekends with (and incorporating a daily mantra practice) has made a huge impact on how I'm weathering the challenges that I've been facing."

Elissa Wilds

"David Newman has created a world with his music. It’s meditative, positive, and very powerful, bringing people together and also to themselves."

Lisa Loeb

Grammy winning singer-songwriter

"David Newman is the true embodiment of Love and Presence. The pleasure of being near him, talking to him, singing with him, brings a pure awareness of unalloyed joy."

Bruce Joel Rubin

Screenwriter | Ghost, Jacob’s Ladder, The Time Traveler’s Wife

"I really enjoyed the Practical Mantra course. I got so clearly how different mantras and sounds actually do have different effects on my nervous system. I was also very impressed by how much knowledge David has of mantras and their meaning, history and the linguistic aspect."

Michael Kurjan

"David Newman will shift your life. He’s a talented teacher and musician whose music and energy heals."

Ron Leger | CPA

"David Newman is a conveyer of love, pure and simple. His Practical Mantra teachings, through music, mantra, spoken and written word are an elixir for broken hearts, or perhaps hearts that are in need of a small repair. His life is an example of this beautiful path of bhakti yoga, or the yoga of love."


Beth Ann Schroeder

"Practical Mantra with David Newman has been transformational. I have taken numerous workshops over the past 12 years. Meditation was something I struggled with for decades until I began learning mantra from David.

I can not recommend David and his teachings more highly.

This is a gift that you should give yourself" ​


Judy Curiel, PhD

If you’ve been looking for a jumpstart, inspiration or even a lifeline to stay centered during these uncertain times, join us for the next gathering and take away tools that will help you now and for the rest of your life.

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